Our morning activity of preparing one's toast is nowadays accompanied by scrolling the computer screen to feed one's visual and informational needs, as much as one's stomach.

Buttered Toast invites artists whose practice investigates painting to enter into a correspondence with one another by exchanging and reworking digital files over a virtual breakfast table.The project adopts the name buttered toast from a hashtag.
#butteredtoast is an ever evolving feast of shared breakfasts, comprised mainly of numerous public posts picturing butter spread on toast.
One can imagine a buttered piece of toast in terms of painting. The gesture of the hand-held knife applying medium and pigment onto the surface of a support. These actions made in realtime can be found restricted and standardised within screen technologies.

This invitation to correspond and collaborate inserts itself into the production stage of painting. Giving artists the opportunity to link up their private studio spaces to a shared virtual space with another artist. An attitude which rebels against the modern construct of an artist as singular and alone.Together, as more than one mind/body, they can mull over, act out and take pleasure in the many troubles inherent to painting's digital dimension.

Buttered Toast has a flexible structure which is continually morphing....

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