Our morning activity of preparing one's toast is nowadays accompanied by scrolling the computer screen to feed one's visual and informational needs, as much as one's stomach.

This online project adopts the hashtag
#butteredtoast - which is compromised of numerous public posts, mainly picturing butter spread on toast. One can imagine a buttered piece of toast in terms of painting. A daily gesture of applying medium onto the surface of a support.
Buttered Toast invites artists whose practice investigates painting and also painting's digital dimensions to participate in an online correspondence, and to collaboratively 'paint' with one another by exchanging and reworking digital files.

In this project we are exploring painting's virtual materiality with the tactility of the screen and the use of other technological devices, such as the mobile phone, scanner, household printer or graphic tablet. The intention each time is to post a series of Instagram publications, in which an online collaborative, 'connected' or 'shared' artform can be celebrated. 

Buttered Toast has a flexible structure which is open to evolution.

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