Artistes Sur Artistes

2016 -  2018

A collective project organised by Marine Douet and Hazel Ann Watling, over time opening up to being organised by various of the participating artists.

With no hierarchy put in place the project evolves through collaborations and invitations, which in turn reveal naturally arising group structures


Etienne Achard, Marion Albert, ALICE ALBERT, Jean-Christophe Arcos, Pierre Aubert, Julie Balsaux, Fernanda Barcelo, Franck Barriac, Charlotte Benedittini, François Billard, Julien Blaine, Patricia Boucharlat, Denis Brun, Primavera Gomes Caldas, Arno Calleja, Elise Carron, Marjorie Caveribere, Fa Cesario, Hugo Bo Chanel, Emy Chauveau, Alexis Chervrier, Nadine Cholet, Anais Carmona-Clercx, COMITE INVISIBLE, Eymeraude Cordon, Nathalie Corne, CUVE, Beata Czudor, Mafalda Da Camara, Frederic Damasko, Victoire Decavele, Philippe Turc De Venosc, Margot Degert, Rafaela Lopez Delavega, Marine Douet, Vincent Drouhot, Stefan Eichorn, Marc Etienne, Faustine Falaise, Maxwell Farrington, Léna Filet, Eva Galtier, Alexandre Gerard, Nathalie Genot, Erin Gigl, Alice Griveaux, François-Xavier Guiberteau, Bastien Hude, Nathalie Hugues, Richard John Jones, Noé Julien, Eleonor Klene, Bard Kristiansen, Fabrice Lanza, Mahatsanga Le Dantec, Anne-Lise Le Gac, Matthieu L'hotelier, Simon Le Lagadac, Ahram Lee, Rose Lemeunier, Aurélien Lemonnier, Céline Lenoir, Anaïs Lelievre, Yuhang Li, Anna George Lopez, Gabriel Luer, Vincent Luer, La Kamba, Les Triplettes de Consolat, Tybo Magnan, José Maria Martin Marcos, Iris Martin, Laure Maternati, Damien Manuel, Florent Meynadier, Alexandros  Mistriotis, Hannes Molsa, Delphine Mogarra, Didier Morin, Jeanne Moynot, Nicolas Nicolini, Anaïs Nisimmov, Floraine Nobilet,OKAY CONFIANCE, David Oppetit, PAPAILHAU (Yannick) Gerard David Perreard, Morgan Placet, Antje Poppinga,POUR, Marc Quer, Nicolas Ramel, Luca Resta, Jeanne Roche,Ishem Rouiai, Sophie Rouet, ROYER, Marta Rueda, Doriane Souilhol, Meige Soard, Guillaume Thriet, Wendy Vachal, Gaêlle Vaillant,Arnaud Vasseux, Gaelle Villedary, Anne- Leure Vincent, Dan Walwin,Hazel Ann Watling, Karine Saint Weil, Delphine Wibaux, Liam Witter, Olivier Zol

 The artist as an individual functions within a social tissue, where there is a constant back and forth between our personal practices and the group. By turning to the other a relationship is formed. This force opens a door, allowing the other to see that which they could not do alone. Even better, an invitation can welcome us into a correspondence, where through trust we can be surprised and changed.

Chapter I -  Artistes sur Artistes is an experimental way to open up towards the other through writing. A chain effect is set in action, as four artists write about another artist of their choice, who in turn accepts to write about another artist. 

Chapter II - Radio interviews between artists and invitations to broadcast or create sound pieces. With Radio Galère 88.4FM, participants organise a one hour broadcast, two times a month

Chapter  III  - STOLON / Together but 'not as one and the same' we create interlaced lines to form a meshwork.  Artistes sur Artistes, after one year of evolution gives way to Stolon. The rhizome's organic structure gives shape to this collectively conceived exhibition and the artist's edition. In the Galerie Hors Les Murs in  Marseille supported by Espace GT, Stolon includes two hangings each lasting one month. 

 - EDITION (in French) with artist's names

 - PDFs Stolon Installation views 

hanging 1 - hanging 2


 - PDFs Chapter I :  texts (in French)

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Artistes sur Artistes Stolon